January 31, 2020

All the roads … lead to the Montgó!

Below you will find 11 possible routes which will allow you to know the many and different attractions of the Montgó Natural Park.



Red Route: Cabo de San Antonio

Short and simple (1.5km), this route starts at the Mirador located next to the Lighthouse and ends at the beautiful Tangó Cove, where you could finish the walk with a swim.


Green Route: Les Planes

This 4.5km flat route, also suitable for bicycles, will take you through pine forests, passing by points of interest such as an old coast guard station, the Sanctuary of the “Mare de Déu dels Àngels” or the Mills spot, a set of windmill towers which offers a breathtaking view of the bay of Jávea, the mountains of Granadella, the Puig de la Llorença with the Peñón de Ifach in the background, the Sierra de Bèrnia on the right and the Sierra de Aitana behind.


Yellow Route: the Cova de l’Aigua and the Racó del Bou

With the Hermitage of Pare Pere as starting point, in the ascent you could contemplate Valencia gulf, Safor mountains, Cullera, the Mediterranean Sea and, on clear days, even the Island of Ibiza. Once the base of the walls is reached, steep stairs will lead us to the Cova de l’Aigua (Cueva del Agua), which collects the rainwater filtered through the Montgó rocks.


Blue Route: Camí de Colonia – Cova del Gamell

The route starts on the Colonia trail, at the same point as Yellow and Orange routes, towards the Cova del Gamell, offering us beautiful landscapes of  Valencia Gulf along its 5 km.


Gray Route: Shooting Range – Summit

This is a high difficulty route which starts at the Dénia shooting range. It is a very stony path which passes along important slopes and areas in which it is necessary to climb, but the views from the top of Montgó, make the effort worthwhile.


Light Brown Route: Torre del Gerro – Molins

This route of almost 4km starts at the end of the Rotas road in Denia (in front of the restaurant “Mena” taking Via Láctea) and after walking about 800m of steep slope, you will reach the Torre del Gerro, an old watchtower. Behind the Tower, the path continues until you reach the Mills spot, which offer a beautiful view of the Montgó massif, the Planas del Cap de Sant Antoni and the Marine Nature Reserve.


Brown Route: Benimaquia – Coll de Pous

This medium difficult route departs from Benimaquia, former Iberian settlement of the S VII b.C. and its length is 2.7km.



Orange Route: Camí de Colonia – Cima

This path is considered of high difficulty because in certain stretches we must use our hands to ascend and starts from the Hermitage of Pare Pere in the Colonia trail. When you reach the fork, you must continue towards the Racó del Bou and from there, keep going to the top of Montgó to enjoy its views.


Clear Green Route: Jesús Pobre – Cima

Departing from the Mitjans trail in Jesús Pobre, on the ascent you could enjoy a beautiful view of the aforementioned town, the archaeological remains of an old Ibera Wall of S II b.C. and a derivation that leads us to the Creueta de Dénia (mound where you will find a metal cross). Like the other routes that reach the top of the Montgó, this route is also considered of high difficulty.


Tour of Montgó by bicycle

This tour of moderate difficulty surrounds the Park, so we will be able to discover the agricultural area of ​​great beauty and environmental value which surrounds the massif.


The literary route

This is a simple route which will take you after the steps of the poet María Ibars: from Dénia to the Montgó, you will pass by numerous hermitages and the Cova de l’Aigua.